CHRIST Returns Towards the Last Supper
Letter 3 rosepage 118
3.135.1 He spoke of Moses’ instructions to the head of each family
to kill an unblemished lamb, to cook it in a certain way
and paint its blood on the doorposts of all Israelite dwellings,
because that very night, angels would come and slaughter
all the first born children of the Egyptians and their livestock.
3.135.2 With great relish, he recalled the outcry made by the Egyptians
when they woke to find the bloodied firstborn in every home. None was spared.

3.135.3 It was the kind of horrible story I rejected as having any value
for anyone seeking higher spiritual Truth.
3.136 I wondered how much my disciples had really understood
when I spoke of their Heavenly Father and His love for all mankind.
3.136.1 How could they relish the thought of angels killing the Egyptian first-born when I had clearly told them that GOD, the Father was Love. But the Jews had always been pre-occupied
with the shedding of blood to atone for their sins.

3.136.2 Even Abraham, the founder of the Israelite nation,
had been convinced he should take his only son into the desert
and kill and offer him as a sacrifice to God.
A pagan and revolting thought!
3.137 I thought of the animal sacrifices in the Temple. Loving all the wild things
of creation as I did, the practice was an abomination to me.
3.137.1 And now I was about to be put to death because I had dared
to speak the words of Truth.
3.138 And when I considered how little I had achieved in passing on my knowledge,
I wondered why I had been sent on such a mission!
3.138.1 I felt a momentary spasm of resentment and anger inter-threading
my usual feelings of love for these men.

3.139 With some cynicism, I wondered what effective token of remembrance
I could leave with them, to bring back to their minds all my teachings
when I was no longer with them.
3.139.1 If they could so swiftly forget all my teachings on the Father’s Love
and enjoy the horrible story of the Passover,
whilst I was still in the room with them
– how much would they remember when I had died
as a felon on the cross, the most despicable of deaths?
3.139.2 Then it came to me that since they were so moved by the
shedding of blood, I would give them blood to remember me by!