CHRIST Returns Towards the Last Supper
Letter 3 rosepage 117
3.131.3 They were standing close together, watching the proceedings,
when they were noticed and approached by the Priests and Pharisees
who persuaded them I was trying to destroy all they had believed in,
preaching a false God, entirely unlike anything they had ever heard about
in their synagogues. Priests passed on their own outraged anger to the people
and convinced them that my sin would contaminate them also
if they persisted in listening to my madness.

3.131.4 Gradually, the people were persuaded I was an evil influence
and should be removed before I could disrupt the peace of the country
and bring down the wrath of the Roman Governor
on the entire country of Palestine.

3.132 My disciples ashamed of what I had done, quietly left the scene
and hid amongst the alleys some way from the Temple.
When they returned to me later, they clearly showed they were also sorely tried by my actions.
3.132.1 They wondered whether I had taken leave of my senses,
gone mad, prophesying my death and then doing those very things
which would probably be the cause of it.

3.132.2 It was at that time that Judas, who had never fully shed his Jewish beliefs, began to doubt whether I was the Messiah after all. Three years
I had taught the people and there was no lessening of the Roman rule.
Three years and people were no nearer the happiness I had promised them.
3.132.3 And now it seemed that I was about to become a disturber of the peace
– bringing down the wrath of Rome on their heads.
3.132.4 He heard that the Jewish High Priest wanted to get rid of me and so
he offered his services to identify my person when required to do so.

3.133 When it was time for me to eat the Passover with my disciples,
I arranged we should eat it all together in a large supper room.
3.133.1 I knew it would be the last time I would eat any food on earth.
3.133.2 I do not want to return deeply to the consciousness of that night.

3.134 I felt great sadness to be leaving my disciples
who had served me so well.
3.134.1 With my sadness came a return of all my fears and conflicts.
3.134.2 I had moments of deep emotional self-pity.
3.134.3 I felt that no one understood all I had tried to do for my people
and the sacrifice I was prepared to make for them.

3.135 John was giving a vivid account of the story of the Israelites’
last night in Egypt before they escaped into the desert.