CHRIST Returns Towards the Last Supper
Letter 3 rosepage 116
3.128.3 They should now be able to understand that whilst a strong conviction
would bring about anything they might desire and imagine, they
must also be constantly aware of their own mental-emotional condition.
3.128.4 They must not harbour resentment against others
but must swiftly forgive, otherwise they could do
much damage to those they resented ...
which damage would return to them, in due course,
as a harvest of their sowing.
3.128.5 Furthermore, as one sows so does one reap.
I knew that what I had done to the fig tree
would inevitably return to me in one form or another.
3.129 I took my disciples to the Temple.
It was many years since I had been there, and I knew my visit
would serve to set in train the events which would lead to my crucifixion.
Some of the people recognised me and in response
to their requests, I began to teach them. More people gathered
and crowded the money lenders who began to complain. Their shouting
and loud complaints broke my train of thought as I was teaching.
3.129.1 Suddenly my wrath was aroused.
3.129.2 Here were people earnestly gathered around me, wanting to hear
the words of LIFE which soon I would not be ableto speak to them,
and there were the money lenders who made their living by selling
livestock for sacrifices which did the people no good whatever.
3.129.3 These men only brought people into debt and misery.
3.129.4 I felt a rush of blood to my head and I pushed the tables over,
scattering their money, and I drove the money-hearted men out of the Temple.

3.130 Now there was a great commotion of shouting and screaming.
Some people were scrambling to pick up the money.
3.130.1 The money lenders were calling down curses on my head,
denouncing me as evil, as one doing the work of Beelzebub
and a thousand other devils.
3.130.2 The Priests and Pharisees and all the people who set great store
by the sacrifices in the Temple, came running together to find out
the cause of the noise and confusion.

3.131 On hearing the money lenders’ story, they were so outraged by my actions,
they launched into vociferous condemnation of me and lamentations
to impress the Priests, each one making louder protest than their neighbours
to demonstrate their horror at what I had done.
3.131.1 Such a thing had never been seen in the Temple before.

3.131.2 Even those who had previously listened to me were now disturbed
at my wilfulness and wondered what kind of man I might be.