CHRIST Returns Towards the Last Supper
Letter 3 rosepage 115
3.124 Throughout my mission, I had lived in a more or less consistently
peaceful – frequently exalted – state of mind,
with my thoughts focused on the Father_Love Consciousness,
author of all being, knowing that I had but to ask
and what I asked for would swiftly manifest itself.
3.124.1 Would I be able to keep my equanimity
when brought before the Council,
when led out to my crucifixion, when nailed to the cross
with my weight hanging from my hands?
3.124.2 Because I was now giving way to doubts and fears,
the normal level of my consciousness frequencies were dropping.
3.124.3 They were taking me down into the frequencies
of the earth plane consciousness.
I became a prey again to my old aggression, prompting me
to unreasonable actions I would never have contemplated earlier
when in my former state of total harmony
with the Father_Love Consciousness.

3.125 My doubts and conflicts externalised in my life
as human emotions and impulses
which contravened the Cosmic Law of Love.

3.126 First, there was the episode of the Fig Tree.
3.126.1 I was hungry and went to the tree not really expecting to find fruit
because it was not the right season for figs.
3.126.2 When my search was unfruitful, I cursed the fig tree.
3.126.3 Twenty four hours later, it was shrivelled to its roots.
3.127 It was a shocking experience.
3.127.1 It was the first time my words had caused harm to anything.

3.127.2 However, it clearly demonstrated, for my disciples,
the power of THOUGHT for good or evil.
3.127.3 It showed them that the more spiritually evolved a person is,
the greater is the impact of their words on the environment.

3.128 I took the opportunity to point out to my disciples that I had
thoughtlessly behaved as does the average man or woman
who – when having high expectations – cannot get what they want.

3.128.1 They usually react with anger, tears, hostility,
and even sharp words which might or might not
amount to a kind of ill-wishing or cursing
of the person who has denied them their heart’s desire.

3.128.2 They had now seen for themselves
what my cursing had done to the fig tree.