CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 113
3.114 On Good Fridays, year after year down the centuries,
you have created a contaminated traumatic consciousness state of being
throughout the world as far removed from the spiritual dimension
of UNIVERSAL CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS as hell is removed from heaven.
3.115 Now that I have chosen to relive my life on earth in the persona of ‘Jesus’ through the mind of the one who is receiving my words, in order
to help the world move on to a new phase of spiritual/mental development,
3.115.1 I ask those who can receive my words, to give up this practice
of remembering my death and exercising physical self-denial
during your Lenten fast to commemorate my 40 days in the desert.
3.116 As you must realise from this narrative, my time in the desert
was one of great joy and blessedness of spirit.


3.117 Many events of great spiritual significance
took place just prior to my death
which are excellent examples of the great Cosmic Laws
in action within your dimension of existence.
3.117.1 I am now giving you a brief account of those important events
since it is my purpose to enlighten your minds wholly
– to give you knowledge beyond any knowledge yet received
by any other person in your universe.
section sectorial
3.118 When I began to prepare my disciples for my approaching death,
it was an immensely difficult task.
3.118.1 They could scarcely contain their shock and astonishment.
3.118.2 The thought of my being crucified as an ordinary felon was repellent
beyond words and neither did they want to lose me from their midst.
3.119 I had called them to follow me and leave behind lives which
had been fairly prosperous. They had left their families and homes
to re-build their lives around me and my work.
3.119.1 They had taken pride in my progress through the towns.
3.119.2 They had been willing to be associated with me
and be known as my disciples despite the rejection
and harsh criticism of their Religious Leaders.
3.119.3 Furthermore, they loved and respected me, both for the way I lived
my own teachings and the way I had compassionately healed
so many people and brought them comfort in their unhappy lives.
3.119.4 They truly believed I was the Son of God.