CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 112
3.105 Reflecting on past suffering and sorrow will make you want to cry.
You will feel a return of the original depression and anguish as you relive
that time in your imagination.
3.105.1 You may want to withdraw from people because your consciousness
has now descended from your former state of happy, peaceful equilibrium,
to experience, yet again, the lowered consciousness vibrations and
consciousness forms you created at the initial time of your suffering.
3.106 Changing moods indicates a change in your consciousness energies.
3.106.1 A lift in your consciousness vibrations gives you a physical,
emotional and mental lift, making you feel happy.
3.106.2 A drop in your consciousness energies will depress the functioning
of your entire system and you will feel the onset of depression
– or at the very least, a drop from the former buoyancy you were enjoying.
3.107 I am describing for you a fact of existence.
3.108 Your entire universe manifests the differing frequencies
of vibrations of consciousness energy particles.
3.108.1 As these frequencies move up or down from one level to another, so do
the visible and physical structures manifest differing levels of energy
and there is a change of mental patterns and emotions and appearance.

3.109 To descend from my state of consciousness
to re-enter the conditions of my time on earth,
is prompted only by my love for mankind.

3.110 For two thousand years, Christians have been reliving
the trauma of my crucifixion.
3.110.1 Some people have even experienced the stigma
which is nothing more than a hysterical and morbidly
emotional response to what they believe I endured.
3.110.2 People have worked themselves up into an emotional
pitch akin to frenzy whilst imagining the anguish of my suffering
before my death. Their emotional gratitude for what I endured
sends them into a state of physical distress.
3.111 This is being written on your Good Friday,
and I have come specially to talk to you about my crucifixion
and to tell you that you must abandon all the drama
associated with the remembrance of this day.
3.112 I died – and that was, for me, a wondrous release.
3.113 It is time that people wake up from their long, long dream
and come to understand existence as it really is – and the truth
concerning my crucifixion, which has been hidden till this time.