CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 111
3.100 The human consciousness can receive inspiration
from the Universal Father_Consciousness but the inspiration received
mingles with the human condition and is frequently misinterpreted
according to the store of knowl­edge already controlling the brain
and therefore the mental processes themselves.
Unfortunately, the inspiration you receive is contaminated and distorted
by your present strongly maintained beliefs.
rises out of, emerges, from the physical condition.
3.101.1 The brain is no longer in control. It no longer has any influence
on the Transcendent Perceptual state which is Truth itself.
3.101.2 It is no longer controlled or affected by human belief.
3.101.3 It is in a state of What Really Is back of visible manifestation
and existence, instead of in the human dimension
of What It Believes Existence to be.
3.101.4 It is in the Transcendent State of Consciousness that
miracles are but normal working of Universal Law.
3.102 Before I continue with this account of my life on earth,
I want to stress again that everything in the universe is a particular
and individualised STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS made visible.
3.102.1 I have had to descend from my present STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS
of UNIVERSAL LOVE, in order to experience again my life on earth
which remains indelibly imprinted within the consciousness energy
of the world itself, dating back to the time of its moment of creation.

3.103 You must understand that when I left my body in Palestine,
I left everything pertaining to that life behind me.
3.103.1 I had fulfilled my mission. Therefore, when I died on the cross,
I was set free, I was lifted into glorious LIGHT to partake of that LIGHT,
to be the LIGHT, and rejoice in the LIGHT which is Universal Love,
Life, Beauty, Harmony, Joy and Rapture.

is no easy or pleasant assignment.
3.104 It is only because my mission on earth was not completed
when I died in Palestine, that I now return to help you prepare
to enter a new age, a new phase of individualised existence on earth.