CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 110
3.94.1 However, such miracles were examples of what can be achieved
in the future when people’s minds are fully imbued
with the true knowledge of existence and are also,
through faith, meditation and prayer, fully attuned to
and imbued with Universal Life/Love Consciousness.
3.95 Was it really true I walked on water when my disciples
boarded a boat to cross the lake?
3.95.1 If you have read the biblical account of this incident,
you will realise that the disciples had left me behind.
3.95 I yearned for an opportunity to withdraw from all human contact,
retire to the hills, and once more enter into a profound meditation
to allow my consciousness to merge into the universal dimension
of GOD Consciousness.
3.96 Whilst in this spiritual state transcending human consciousness,
all awareness of physicality disappeared,
and ecstatically I was lifted into the Universal Stream of Life
and knew that the UNIVERSAL LIFE was all,
LIFE was the reality of my beingness,
and all else were but temporary changing appearances
of UNIVERSAL LIFE made visible
3.97 I KNEW, I felt, I was LIFE ITSELF, and as I slipped
beyond earthly consciousness into the universal LIFE CONSCIOUSNESS,
the laws governing my physical being were transcended
and no longer applied to the flesh and blood of my human body.
3.98 I longed to move about in this new transcendent state,
and found myself floating out of my cave.
3.98.1 I could see my disciples on the lake and knew they were in distress.
3.98.2 Effortlessly, I floated down over the hill towards the shore
and as I began to regain contact with my normal human concerns
– in this case, my disciples – I found myself coming to rest on the waters.
3.98.3 However, I was still in that condition where I realised fully that I,
Myself, was LIFE individualised, and therefore, my body was suffused
with LIFE POWER which continued to lighten and transform
the atomic structure of my physical state.