CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 109
I also reminded them at all times:
3.89 Only those with pure minds and hearts
will accomplish these mighty things.

3.90 The wicked may flourish for a while, as have kings and marauding armies
and others hoarding iniquity in their minds; they have been permitted
to do their work for a while, since certain good would also arise out of the evil,
but eventually they fail and their names are reviled by the rest of the world.
3.90.1 Therefore, as many of you as would succeed, examine your motivations.
Desires born solely of selfish longing for wealth or comfort eventually
end in disappointment, sickness and death.

3.91 And I say to you who read these words
– let no one dare to deny the Truth I speak until they too,
have walked the Path of Self Renunciation
which I walked on earth and reached the same union
with the Father and the heights of incontrovertible knowledge
and understanding as I possessed.

3.91.1 When you have achieved all this,
you will no longer have any desire to deny the truth I speak to you
but will be unable to restrain yourselves from joining me
in teaching your fellowmen.
3.91.2 Until that time, hold your peace,
and let no man know your ignorance.

3.92 How often, throughout the world, people gladly embrace my teachings
as being highly moralistic and the most perfectly formulated
guidelines to good behaviour and daily living.
3.92.1 However, they add, quickly, that the stories of miracles
should be discounted since such aberrations
of natural laws of the universe are not possible.
3.92.2 This type of thought is building barriers to the future progress
in spiritual-scientific development of which the human mind is capable.
3.93 In fact, I did not come to earth to introduce a new religion
or higher moral code than that given by Moses in the Ten Commandments.
3.93.1 My purpose was to bring a new perception of GOD as creator
and understanding of existence itself.
3.93.2 Out of that knowledge would come a new way of life.
3.94 The correct attitude towards my mission on earth,
in this third millennium, is to acknowledge
that the miracles I performed
are beyond the capabilities of the average human being at this time.