CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 107
3.76.1 Hearsay is when you are told something
but you cannot really prove it is true.
3.76.2 Knowledge is when you are told something – or read something –
and because what you have now heard or read
complies logically and realistically with all related items of knowledge
already in your mind, and you can understand and believe it
in a realistic, logical way, the new information becomes knowledge. You KNOW that what you now know is TRUE.
You have a sense of conviction.
3.76.3 Up to this time, some of you have had faith in ‘Jesus Christ’
but you have been like precocious children. Your faith has been partially blind and accepting,
yet interwoven with much doubt.
3.76.4 Therefore, whatever you needed to be done for you,
you depended on ‘Jesus’ for the work to be accomplished.
3.76.5 Whereas, in fact, much of what you believe you have derived
directly from ‘Jesus’ has been your own faith in Jesus
made visible in the form of things asked for.

3.77 Whilst this child-like faith is very important to your well-being,
those of you who are capable of moving onward on the spiritual path
to perfection, must now reach a deeper level of true knowledge
of the relation between mind and matter.
3.78 Without this foundation, people will continue to flounder in religious myths and will be locked into the misery of the human condition.
3.79 When I was on earth, I spoke Truth to the people,
but it was continually misinterpreted.
3.80 What I really said regarding faith, was this:

3.80.1 You see this great big tree. It has grown out of the tiniest seed imaginable.
See the vast trunk and branches and foliage.
All that enormous growth has come out of a small seed.
3.80.2 How did such a thing come about?
3.80.3 From whence came all the wood in the tree and the foliage which adorns it!
3.80.4 Is not this as much a miracle as are the miracles
I perform for you, day after day?
3.80.5 Is not the growth of this tree as much the work of the Father
as the healing which takes place in sick people?
3.81 I ask you – what is a seed? Can you tell me?
No – you cannot. But I will tell you.