CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 106
3.69 Another day, I was sitting under a tree outside Bethesda,
surrounded by people who had brought their sick to be healed.
3.70 As always, they marvelled at the return of life and health to these people
and wondered how such miracles could be done.

3.70.1 Again, I tried to make them understand the Power of Faith.

3.71 In the gospels, it has been stated I said that
if a man had faith the size of a mustard seed
he would be able to move mountains.

3.71.1 This statement is a misinterpretation of what I truly said
and it reveals how little my disciples and gospellers understood
my teachings when we were on earth.

3.71.2 If a person were to have ‘faith’ the size of a mustard seed
– what does that mean? How can you measure faith in such a way?
3.71.3 Faith is faith.
3.71.4 It is a power of total conviction in the mind, possessing the mind
and cannot be restricted in size.
3.72 Faith, arising out of your need to believe in something,
because such a belief will serve your purposes in some way,
can be powerful and strong, but never could it be estimated in size!
3.73 Belief is even stronger.
3.73.1 Belief is the offspring of hearsay and logic.
3.73.2 Because you have heard something and been convinced
that what you have heard or read is true,
you develop a deep belief in what you have heard.
3.73.3 You believe it to be true.
3.73.4 You believe in a total, complete way which defies contradiction.
3.74 I was constantly telling the people:
3.74.1 “Believe you will receive – and you will receive”.
3.74.2 However, I knew at the time,
that it would be well nigh impossible for the people
to ever have the faith which would cause miracles to happen,
since no matter how much I might explain Truth to them,
they would still never have
the intense knowing given me in the desert.