CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 105
3.61 I would prove to them that nothing is impossible
when you truly believe as I believed and perceived.
3.62 I called my disciples to me and told them to find out if
there were any present who had food.
3.62.1 They found a young boy with loaves and fishes and brought them to me.
3.62.2 I withdrew some way from the crowd and quietly contemplated
the loaves and fishes, knowing that they were but GODMind Power,
the substance of all matter, made visible. I knew that GODMind Power, was limitless and powerfully
active within my consciousness.
3.62.3 I knew that the nature of the Father is the fulfilment of need.
3.63 As I blest the food, I felt the POWER flow fully through my mind,
body and hands and I knew the people’s hunger would be satisfied.
3.63.1 I did not know how this would be, I just knew it would.
3.64 I then took the baskets of food and told the disciples to distribute it, feeling absolutely certain that everyone would have as much food as they needed.
3.65 As it was broken and passed around, so did it multiply itself
until all the throng were fed and satisfied.
3.65.1 There were several baskets of left-overs.

3.66 In this way, I demonstrated that:
3.66.1 matter – whatever is visible within the universe
is mind/consciousness made visible through the vibration
of the motes
(which science terms particles)
3.66.2 changes in the vibration of motes, hence changes in matter,
take place as a result of a powerfully directed, disciplined,
focused movement/imagery in mind/consciousness energy
3.66.2 when one acts purely out of a love consciousness
to accomplish good for others,
the only limits to the Father_Love Work within the world,

3.66.2 such changes in matter can only take place when the
consciousness of man is perfectly in harmony and united
with Father_Universal Consciousness.