CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 104
3.56.1 Because I alone have seen the Father, I alone know how
the world has been made and the laws of existence.
3.56.2 And because I know all these things, you have but to come to me
and ask and I will reveal all that has been given to me. I tell you truly –
as many of you as believes – and understands – and seeks to put my words
into daily practice – will be saved from the tribulation that mankind endures.
3.57 You suffer because you do not understand how you have been created,
and the true purposes for which you were born.

3.58 You were born to be sons and heirs of the Father, you were born
to enjoy all that the Father is in Itself, and all that It can give you.
3.58.1 But you turn your backs on all the glory of the kingdom
and try to find pleasures in earthly things.
3.58.2 Whilst you do this you will never find the Kingdom of GOD
nor enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

3.59How shall we enter the Kingdom?

3.59.1 I have already told you. You enter the Kingdom of Heaven when you repent
of all that you are in your heart and mind. When you take your evil to the Father
and ask forgiveness and pray for the strength to be cleansed
of your evil thoughts, words and deeds, and you finally get rid of them,
then you may be sure that you are about to find the Kingdom of Heaven. When you have accomplished this, you will find that your attitudes towards others
are changing, for the Father will be doing Its Love Work within you. You will be free of the chains and thongs of evil desires and deeds
which previously bound you and made you a captive in the world. More than this, you will find that the Father does satisfy your every need.

3.60 A woman shouted:
I have a need at this very moment, Master, I am hungry
The people laughed but then several voices joined in, saying:
3.60.1We have been with you many hours, you made us walk and walk
before you would consent to teach us. We have shown you
we are the good sheep. Will you not help us and satisfy our hunger?

3.60.2 I realised that they spoke the truth and felt deep compassion for them.
3.60.3 They had followed after me not just for healing but because they
longed to know the Truth as it had been given to me by the Father.
3.60.4 I had told them that the Father satisfies their needs.
3.60.5 This would be an opportunity to show them the power of faith
and the Power that is GOD.