CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 103
3.49 And if a goat should begin to behave like a sheep and heed the shepherd’s voice, then he too will come under the protection of the shepherd
and will be cared for even as sheep are cared for.

3.49.1 So it is with you and the Kingdom of Heaven – the Kingdom of GOD.

Several voices called out, asking me to tell them
what I meant by the Kingdom of God.

3.50 What I am telling you is unlike anything you have yet heard
from any prophet at any time.

3.51 Do not try to understand what I am saying by thinking
of what you have been told by your Teachers.
3.51.1 They can only repeat from the scriptures and have no personal knowledge
of the Kingdom of God or Heaven.
3.52 GOD is not contained within any one place but is everywhere
as are the heavens and air above you.
3.53 The Holy Word spoke truly when it says
“In God you live, move and have your being”.
3.53.1 For the Kingdom of God is above, around and also within you
– and you can enter the Kingdom of God.

3.53.2 People shouted impatiently: “ But what is it?

3.53.3 It is a state of mind and heart which is fully possessed by GOD– your Father.
3.53.4 When you are in this state, the Father is the head of your body
and directs everything you do and all of your life.

3.54 Some of the people grumbled. “How can that be?

3.54.1 It is possible to be so emptied of self – of selfish desires, enmities,
angers, jealousies, greed, vindictiveness that only GOD
is left in control within your mind and heart.

3.55What happens then?” asked a woman.
3.55.1 Then you enter into the State of Being which is God-directed.
3.55.2 It is altogether beautiful and glorious. It is love, it is generosity,
it is caring for other people as you care for yourself,
it is nonjudgmental since you accept other people exactly as they are,
knowing that they too are God children and are equally in the Father care.
3.55.3 It is happiness beyond measure, beyond description, it is joy
in the beauty of the world, it is life unlimited and increased energy,
it is health and it is the fulfilment of your every need
before you even know that you have such a need.

3.56Why do the Rabbis not tell us these things?” several voices complained.