CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 101
3.40 I knew that despite all I had told them about the Father and Father_Love, they were still apprehensive of rejection by GOD.
3.40.1 Although I had tried to help them understand that the Father
of which I spoke, was not the personalised God which they worshipped,
I knew very well that they were confused.
3.40.2 Although I had told them again and again that the Father
was within them, they were still worried that they might incur punishment from on high by believing my words.
3.41 What should I teach them that day, I asked the Father?
3.41.1 Then I noticed the goats and sheep feeding on the hillside under the vigilant care of their shepherd and my message for the day entered my mind.
I stood up and shouted so that my voice would carry to the back of the crowds:

3.42 You see these sheep and goats feeding on the hills.
3.42.1 The sheep are in one place and the goats in another.
3.42.2 Consider the sheep. They are patient and non-aggressive towards each other
even when huddled tightly in a corner of their pen.
3.42.3 They feed quietly, never claiming ground which is not theirs,
leaving the pasture closely cropped but not damaged,
allowing the grass to recover after they have passed over it.
3.42.4 Most importantly, they listen to their shepherd’s voice. Therefore,
he takes good care of them. He guides them into the best pastures and he sleeps with them at night that they may not be threatened or attacked by dogs or robbers.
3.42.5 Look at the goats, how they scramble and leap over the rocks and get themselves
into awkward or dangerous places. They tear at the brambles and the foliage of
trees. They are despoilers. Were it not for their use to mankind, there would be
no place for them other than to be tethered all day or put out into the desert.
3.43 I look at you below me, and I know that amongst you are many sheep
– and, also among you are many goats.
3.43.1 There were a few angry murmurs but, on the whole, people
good-naturedly jostled and ribbed one another,
pointing out the goats and laughing and nodding.
3.43.2 It was good to see them laughing and so I continued.
3.44 You can tell the sheep by their homes, the way they treat their neighbours,
and the way they are regarded by all in their community.
3.44.1 You can likewise tell the goats – are they likely to have many friends?

3.44.2 There was a loud roar from the crowd: ‘Noo-oo!
followed by much laughter.