CHRIST Returns Jesus and His Mission
Letter 3 rosepage 100
3.34 There is no other way I can describe what I saw when on earth
or convey the facts concerning the true substance of matter
and the apparently solid fabric and construction of your world.
3.34.1 In modern speech, you would probably call the shimmer of motes,
a vibration of particles.

3.34.2 Perhaps you could combine the two terms and describe
the most fundamental visible reality, as a shimmer of particles.
This conveys the sense of the light glow
in which I saw the particles dance.

3.35 Having said all the foregoing as introduction
to my account of my activities in Palestine,
let me take you to another day, two thousand years ago,
when the sun shone, and the sky was a clear, clear blue,
and I started to climb the hills with my disciples,
in an effort to retire to rest, meditate and pray.
3.35.1 But this was not to be.
We had thought to escape, but despite telling the people of our intentions,
we were first followed by a few who then shouted to others
that we were going into the hills.
3.35.2 Although we begged them to return to their homes, the few eventually
grew into a great concourse of people tagging along behind us.
They were insistent that I should speak to them.
3.35.3 You may wonder why they were so anxious to listen to me.
3.35.4 Intuitively, they knew that I spoke words of LIFE to them.
3.35.5 Always, I showed them the activity of the Father around them
and this gave them hope and helped them to see the world with new vision.
3.35.6 I spoke to them of LOVE and they felt comforted.
3.35.7 This was why I could say to them, knowing that they
would understand and agree with me:

3.36Come unto me, you who are weary and heavy laden
and I will give you rest. My yoke is light and my burden easy.

3.37 They knew that when I spoke these words, as I frequently did,
I was comparing the rules and laws of the Jewish leaders
with the Truth I was presenting to the people.

3.38 So it was, that when I was besought by the people to teach them,
what could I do but sit down on a rock above them – and teach.
3.39 I was determined that, if they had come this far to hear me,
they would hear something they would remember
and possibly speak about all their lives.