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Although the PDF format is not entirely or conveniently ex­tract­i­ble, due to some special layout's references, an advanced custom search system was pro­vid­ed, to help you seek any ex­pres­sions, concepts, sentences dispensed therein.

You can reach from the search results every single page out of the 333 of the ebook, ei­ther in the native PDF format, or by the flip­ping 3D mode, if allowed by displays big­ger than mobile - and zoom­/save­/print.
Both can be down­load­ed - each page, the pdf full ebook (10-|16+Mb) as well as the com­plete flip­ping book (48Mb); or the installable ebook App for MacOS; feel free to ask the app for iPad, iPhone, iPadmini (get the zip mail clicking the icon to the bottom download page). Although these could not be conveniently tested, by the Flip book tool should be provided [free]. Therefore, to al­low the essential search, an own ba­sic func­tion­al­i­ty, tough elementary, was enabled on the flipping instrument.

As for the best PDF handlers, bookmarks and an­no­ta­tions, highlights and graphic can be added /edited by the reader inside the pages of the flip version.

Since our main menu can rotate the frame view to landscape or portrait - independently from the view­port of your device - by default any page clicked in the menu will be opened in PDF mode for portrait, or by the Flash or HTML5 flip-book when in land­scape.

Generally, when the necessary screen size is de­tected, you will be prompted to view the LETTERS in this funny, elegant, well read­a­ble mode.

While PDF is more flexible on all screens, from the ex­treme zoom mode even to reflow the text (with advanced tools), and suitable to the best printout (as the most close to the editing en­hance­ments), by flip­ping the pages you can reach a con­sist­ent per­cep­tion, almost a kind of ‘sensing’ of what was de­liv­ered to you from the highest “abstract” of Light, rend­ered here­af­ter. I know… the content is what matters; but some­times words are like sounds to be played, or re­pre­sented at their best, as on a musical score, since this may help focusing our re­cep­tiveness and understanding.


p.s. - However, to draw ad­van­tage by this new per­for­mance beyond the powerful PDF, it could be pref­er­a­ble a desktop monitor.
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