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This is the true outcome of the long­-awaited return of Christ to mankind: it does not con­cern the current religion and the Church, but speaks once again so “to rectify the mis­in­ter­pre­ta­tions placed on the teachings given when known as JESUS in Palestine, 20 years ago.”

“It is impossible for my spiritual consciousness to take on human form;
to enable me to speak to you directly, I have de-pro­gram­med and prepared a re­cep­tive, obedient mind to receive my Truth and frame it in words. She is my ‘recorder’ ”

Please, view the Letters index for details.
Whether this is true or not, YOU should/can only realize by the contents. Won't you? ponder this at least:

flag/USEng_Actual redrafting of the Original Version (renewed PDF layout, with an improved readability) is issued.
The PDF brochure contains the introduction and a preface of the "Recorder"  to the late 9 LETTERS, which were dictated by the True CHRIST Entity via Interdimensional.

The new, accurately revised page rendering is quite sophisticated - as the layout of the text is edited with a view to facilitate both the understanding and the due meditation. Therefore it consists of 333 official pages plus a beautiful rear cover, with encoding dimension of 30.868.798 bytes.

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https://christ.direct - Revised releases & updates:
May 2016 - v. 3.05.EN | Sept 2016 - v. 3.06.EN
Dec 2017 - v. 3.10 EN ~ Paragraphs numeration
Apr 2018 - v. 3.11 EN ~ Fixed some numeration errors
May 2018 - v. 3.11a/PDF dsc. Fixed inside chapters link errors
None past or future release can alter the original text con­tent or punctuation, and/or ignore the intentional en­hance­ments; and translations should make every effort for the most profound interpretation of the statements of the Celestial MASTER.

As explained in the Help section, as the current new re­lease en­riched the text with a paragraphs' nesting e­nu­mer­a­tion ac­cord­ing to the Christ's will, it was achieved and fixed to a plain but with special attention to Semantic HTML basic template, in order to ease the online reading and context search, escaping the risk of partial cites, and share the 9 LETTERS ex­change­a­ble to any port­a­ble format and [renewed] translation, actual or future. This is the task to which I have been committed, though it's far from being complete…

The PDF conversion step, from the single pages to a whole eBook, required much greater size (30Mb) than the former ed­it­ing (11-18Mb); therefore a single complete edition, with the front and rear graphic covers has overridden any pre­vi­ous option to lighten the downloads; evenly much more heavy was the portable 3Dbook (1Mb). Why a 3D book?
Well, with the evolution of the internal search service (see below) a new option was added, both for browsing and down­load: a pleasant 3D flipping book, able to drive your feeling through the meaningful pages of the true, unheralded history.

All versions, framed into their 'Golden Ratio' pages, should be readable on line by any device in the Web format HTML, in PDF single pages or flipBook, can also be downloaded to be saved on your device and read off line. All are downloadable only as compressed zip files.
Letters However, now all devices can for a direct view in browser on line both the HTML plain version and the so called flipping 3D book: this funny effect option holds the advantage of an inner immediate listed search function.

  Happy Reading!
N.B. (to be taken as historical notes)  
Due to the very complex build up and rebuild of various lay­outs and related varying editing rules, the original text with the new pagination - derived from a first Italian PDF advanced remake - is now inevitably oriented to more and more rising publications tools and readers.
Consequently, just saying inevitably despite the upmost care devoted to each step, up to the universal HTML5 opensource revision tire­less­ly in pro­gress - providing a semantic care for the future text analysis - the so many pages treated by fonts and styles, then distilled and con­vert­ed to bitmap, reveal minor mis­takes entangled like fishes in alternate nets…
So, please, be patient if you find any actual release being not perfect! of course, I could not update all files at every new misprint fixed,
Now it should be ready and definite but - not least the difficulty to synchronize multiple operating environments - any possible mistake could still pop up… to be adjusted.
Future releases will filter every possible editing defect, thence you can down­load with ease every kind of publication you prefer.

Truly, the Christ's Word will remain the same, unchangeable in time. Notwithstanding the digital flexibility, every digitized version is already comparable to others, more or less strict, from the original PDF release (the 1st entitled: “Microsoft Word - letter”) to the new one (from HTML5), to the executive flipBook with its own HTML and thumbnails. Every HTML page number at the footer, links to its own bitmap image to be checked. All these four different formats must match, in order to guarantee integrity and no possible counterfeiting.
The original text is safe and will never be changed (the Re­cord­er's PDF LETTERS with their date are made directly ac­ces­si­ble by page reference).
Here are their CRC calculations, i.e. cyclic redundancy check of the Introduction.pdf and every Letter#.pdf, as published via www.christsway.co.za on May 12, 2011.

Everybody should acknowledge that this protection is an absolute reason for which to apply a ‘Copyright’ to the Christ's LETTERS. There can not be others in the name of Christ's dictation, intended to spread worldwide its highest message without any restriction or exclusivity or profit, that would be a nonsense. Nonetheless, every part or quotations from these documents must be clearly presented with ref­er­ence to their Source.
Thanks for your understanding.  
Our Internal Search Engine
Ultimately, one Google Custom Search En­gine was im­ple­mented for the christ­.di­rect website and par­tic­u­lar­ly for the 9 L ET­TERS , to pro­vide a ready customized seeking of any words or ex­pres­sions, up to the teach­ing by Christ in his dictation; but, 'cause of special editing and advanced lay­out solutions adopted (say some bugs into the var­i­ous pack­ages), not all the pages could be analyzed cor­rect­ly by the crawlers, resulting in holes and faults to be fixed.
For this reason, all text had to be rebuilt to be separately ap­proached by the “Blossom” search – a very fine tool and service – able to redirect any results to the match­ing PDF [or Flash™ pages, on choice]. Some months lat­er, the sin­gle web (HTML) pag­es were fin­ished, di­rect­ly ac­ces­si­ble by any seek­er, and some dif­fer­ent search tools are be­ing ex­am­ined, since it does not seem at all a tech­nique tak­en for granted.
To ease targeting from the rich Twitter ex­cerpts and offer their full reading, every single page was evenly ex­tracted to sep­a­rate­ly ac­ces­s it, with its structured PDF layout; so by the search and the menu of each LETTER; then, last but not least, the same eventually applies to the faster Flash flip­ping option. Please, refer to the help section for details.
The process will be enriched over time, ex­pand­ing the que­ries by keyphrases and synonyms which are variants of a search term, to fa­cil­i­tate a tailored to gathered learning ex­pe­rience. Although the stand alone complete flip book is now endowed of an internal multi-keywords search function, the se­lected on line services will always be more suitable to a conceptual and de­tailed analysis.


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